Praise for Soulful Fellowship

Soulful Fellowship untangles the myths of manhood and clears a path from which the souls of men can emerge. Through the courageous telling of their own stories and from the hard-earned wisdom they have gained, authors Gareau and Waugh give us an in-depth understanding of what it takes for men to live truly meaningful and rewarding lives. For men who have been deprived of skillful mentors and wise elders to guide them to their deepest purpose, this beautifully-written book is essential reading.


Eric Bowers

Author of Meet Me In Hard-to-Love Places

Reading this book, I felt I was in the deep forest of life, sitting at the feet of master storytellers. Their stories assured me that the darkness is real and that when encountered fully and with faith, even in the darkness I will learn how to live a life rich in meaning and purpose. Written by wise men, I feel enriched as a woman and mother of sons.


Margaret J. Wheatley

Bestselling author of Leadership and the New Science and most recently, Who Do We Choose to Be

There is a thirst these days for examples of how to live with heart and meaning. This text quenches that thirst and also energizes the reader with hope in the face of chronic despair.


Brian Hoover

Men's Group Leader and TaKeTiNa Teacher

Dave and Roq name: ‘If you are human, you experience suffering and woundedness. Men have unique expressions of this. The uninitiated just don’t know yet that this very suffering and woundedness is an invitation to their giftedness and eldership.’ That’s wisdom.


Tenneson Woolf

Facilitator, Workshop Leader, Speaker, and Writer

This courageous book, written by two friends, is a rare display of honesty and vulnerability. Behind every page of searing self-disclosure, you can hear the beat of an ancient drum summoning the rest of us to straighten our spines, open our hearts, and assume the posture of the spiritual warrior. This book shows us a way forward for authentic, soulful masculinity.


Bruce Sanguin

Award-winning author of The Way of the Wind and most recently, Bone on Bone